SPONSORED (projects developed by CPPD members)

National Survey of Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic Coordinators
Contact: Dr. Kristy Parker

Canadian Recommendations for Evidence based Assessment and Teaching of Ophthalmology to Residents (CREATOR). 
Proposal regarding ophthalmology teaching/OSCE.
Contact: Dr. Moyez Ladhani

Paediatricians as Managers: A needs-based assessment of the CanMEDS "Physician as Manager" role in post-graduate pediatric medicine training programs. 
Survey study about CanMEDS objectives
Contact: Dr. Adelle Atkinson

Paediatric OSCE Collaboration of Canada (POCC).
Standardizing Paediatric OSCEs across centres.
Contact: Dr. Moyez Ladhani or Dr. Adelle Atkinson


SUPPORTED (outside projects approved and supported by the CPPD group)

Hypophosphatasia: Knowledge of this rare disease among residents and fellows in Pediatrics and Neonatology in Canada
Contact: Dr. Thomas Budniok,

Resident Satisfaction in Canadian Paediatric Resident Continuity Clinics
Contact: Dr. Erin Peebles,

Confidence in Performing Musculoskeletal Examination Skills in Canadian Pediatric Residents
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Lee,

Evaluation of the Pediatric Acute Care Curriculum in Canadian Postgraduate Medical Education Training Programs
Contact: Dr. Ashley Blagdon,

Addressing the Competency of Breaking Bad News: What Are Canadian General Pediatric Residency Programs Currently Doing?
Contact: Dr. Amrita Sarpal, 

Infant oral health: Canadian paediatric residents’ perceptions, training and knowledge
Contact: Dr. Shuang Liu,

Pediatric Resident Survey Regarding The RCPSC Examination: Timing, Splitting and Influence on Choice of Training
Contact: Dr. Hamad Alkhalaf,

A Needs Assessment Study of Mobile Learning in Canadian Pediatric Residency Education
Contact: Dr. Tamer Moaein, 

Breastfeeding Education among Pediatric Residents
Contact: Catherine Pound,

The Involvement of Patients and Parents/Caregivers in the Assessment of Residents
Contact: Katherine Moreau,

Injury Prevention and Control in a Canadian Medical Curriculum
Contact: TBA

Development of a National Pediatric Simulation-based Curriculum
Contact: Dr. Melissa Langevin,

Knowledge about Pediatric Eating Disorders in Residents and Medical Students
Contact: Dr. Carole Tessier,

Tanner Staging:  Assessment of Paediatric Residents and Development of Learning Module 
Contact: Dr. Andrea Ens,

Pediatric Residents Knowledge, Perception and Learning Needs regarding Health Care Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care
Contact: Dr. Lorraine Bell,

Pediatric Nutrition Education
Contact: Dr. Jason Silverman,

Awareness of and Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines among Pediatric Physicians in Canada
Contact: Dr. Fareeha Nasir,

Investigating the Prevalence of and Factors Affecting the Decision of General Paediatrics Residents in Canada Coming to Work Despite Being Sick with a Potentially Infectious Illness
Contact: Dr. Kevin Mitchell, and Dr. Joseph Vayalumkal,

Wellness in Paediatric Residents and Paediatric Program Directors
Contact: Dr. Kathleen Nolan,

Career Paths of Canadian Pediatric Residency Graduates, 2004-2010  
Contact: Dr. Tahir Hameed,